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OneDrive shared folders opening as links in browsers

Hello everyone,


I have been experiencing this issue for about a week now and it has been driving me insane.  

When sharing a folder in onedrive and adding it as a shortcut under my files, it opens up in browser as a link when clicked on in file explorer.

For example, if I share a photos folder to my mother, on her side when she opens onedrive in the windows 11 file explorer and opens the photos folder it opens chrome and loads onedrive to that folder.

It wasn't like this a week ago (the folder would just open in file explorer) and I haven't found anything about this on google everytime I've searched until today:

Someone posted on reddit about this - 

Does anyone know why this is now happening all of a sudden and is there a setting we can change to make it stop, or is it time to start using google drive?

This completely removes the ability to sync folder shares for offline usage, which is one of the features stated on Microsoft's website - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/see-files-shared-with-you-in-onedrive-2c14e8e6-4e52-4c61-9778-7155d33534a1

Any info on this would be highly appreciated.  


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Hi i have the same issues, it looks like its a onedrive-microsoft bug 😕

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