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Managing CPU failure with voltage change

Hello, i need advice on, if it's possible, managing a CPU failure due to processors exiting a low power state. Pretty much, i'm gonna have BSODs all the time except when playing at least a  semi-demanding game or in a CPU stress test. Turning C-States off + putting minimum processor power 10% in windows settings made it manageable for couple months. But now even with min/max power 99%, i'll get BSODs extremely often.

6: kd> k
 # Child-SP          RetAddr               Call Site
00 ffffac00`62b49908 fffff804`446ff1eb     nt!KeBugCheckEx
01 ffffac00`62b49910 fffff804`470710c0     nt!HalBugCheckSystem+0xeb
02 ffffac00`62b49950 fffff804`4480eb2f     PSHED!PshedBugCheckSystem+0x10
03 ffffac00`62b49980 fffff804`44700c1a     nt!WheaReportHwError+0x38f
04 ffffac00`62b49a50 fffff804`44701070     nt!HalpMcaReportError+0xb2
05 ffffac00`62b49bc0 fffff804`44700f04     nt!HalpMceHandlerCore+0x138
06 ffffac00`62b49c20 fffff804`447011a9     nt!HalpMceHandler+0xe0
07 ffffac00`62b49c60 fffff804`44700362     nt!HalpMceHandlerWithRendezvous+0xc9
08 ffffac00`62b49c90 fffff804`44702b1b     nt!HalpHandleMachineCheck+0x62
09 ffffac00`62b49cc0 fffff804`44769539     nt!HalHandleMcheck+0x3b
0a ffffac00`62b49cf0 fffff804`4462a43e     nt!KiHandleMcheck+0x9
0b ffffac00`62b49d20 fffff804`4462a053     nt!KxMcheckAbort+0x7e
0c ffffac00`62b49e60 fffff804`6a4e41b2     nt!KiMcheckAbort+0x2d3
0d fffffe0d`29ebf498 fffff804`6a4e5870     intelppm!C1Halt+0x2
0e fffffe0d`29ebf4a0 fffff804`6a4e15c4     intelppm!C1Idle+0x30
0f fffffe0d`29ebf4d0 fffff804`444e1456     intelppm!AcpiCStateIdleExecute+0x24
10 fffffe0d`29ebf500 fffff804`444e0fcb     nt!PpmIdleExecuteTransition+0x426
11 fffffe0d`29ebf950 fffff804`4461cf44     nt!PoIdle+0x68b
12 fffffe0d`29ebfb40 00000000`00000000     nt!KiIdleLoop+0x54
6: kd> uf intelppm!C1Halt
fffff804`6a4e41b0 fb              sti
fffff804`6a4e41b1 f4              hlt
fffff804`6a4e41b2 c3              ret

In every dump i've had the issue has been consistent with CPU low power state stuff.


I know AMD has had a similar issue in the past that was managed with voltage changes. So, i've been hoping maybe I can at least try to do that with my pc. Or, of course, any other possible solution. Warranty is expired. Intel diagnostics show nothing unsurprisingly. And, yeah, i've done all the common fixes. Clean windows install, fresh drivers, XMP, change ram, CMOS clear, safe mode and much more.



intel i5 10600KF (never OC'd), Deepcool Neptwin white cooler;
Asus PRIME Z490-V-SI (latest bios)
Crucial Ballistix White, 16GB, DDR4, 3200 Mhz, CL16, Kit of 2 (8GBx2)
Xilence 550W, performance X, 80+ Gold

Edit: BSODs are WHEA_uncorrectable... and Machine check exception during BSOD loops sometimes. But after typing this post i'm starting to get clock watchdog timeout BSODs for the very first time. I've not changed anything during this time.


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You have a overclocking cpu and board so in the BIOS and add .005 to the voltage until it stops crashing, try using a fixed voltage if adaptive voltage is too unstable. Monitor the voltages with HWInfo and try to note what voltage it crashes at. 

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