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Iphone bricked while updating to 18beta

So, a couple of hours ago i tried to update to 18 beta, for a couple of times it just refused to do the update, the charge was 63%, after a couple of failed update to 18 i tried to update to 17.5.1, it failed again and this time the phone turned off itself, i turned it on again and it showed a non original component message with a 1% charge, i tried to charge it but it refused to charge, after a couple of minutes it was in a boot loop, i tried to reinstall 17.5.1 with itunes but it showed error 4013, tried again and this time it was error 5, then error 2009 and again 5, so i went to an apple store and they thought it could either be a non original component issue or a ram issue, someone could have some other ideas?

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