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AYRSTONE - Outdoor WiFi for Farm, Ranch, and Rural Home?


hello gang! hoping everyone had a nice sunny weekend here聽馃槑

looking for some advice on wide range wifi coverage, in this example an area of about 1000x500ft, relatively clear view.

a colleague dropped this name i never came across before, ayrstone, and i was wondering if anyone here did? compared to the stuff i had already priced from cisco, ruckus and聽ubiquity it's on the 'dirt cheap' side at first glance, with the latter not being suitable for harsh outdoor environments and therefore ruled out. when browsing ayrestone's website it reads too good to be true, especially looking at the range claims. going off of their range graphic 1 gateway + 3 to 4 hubs will cover a 2.5 mile/4km radius, for under $2k?? that's less than one commercial grade meraki mr86 access point...

not trying to judge but their website looks rather simple and i couldn't reach their hotline having tried multiple times. i hope they don't hate on canadian mobile numbers calling in聽馃ゲ

looking forward to your feedback/input/suggestions!

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Never heard of them, but reviews on Amazon are just over 50% positive for different reasons. Personally, I wouldn't experiment with an unknown brand if deploying in an environment where I need close to 100% uptime, excellent coverage, and consistent speeds.

When it comes to large scale deployments, I recommend hiring a firm that can assess the environment, give you a quote, and possibly install the needed hardware. They'll likely provide some kind of warranty with the setup as well. You can ask them about their opinion on Ayrstone, but I assume they will prefer to go with hardware they're familiar with setting up and servicing.

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