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New computer stuck on a restart loop when GPU is present

Hi everyone,


I've followed the "No POST/No power up situation" thread and searched the forum for similar issues but no luck.


I'm upgrading from a 10-year old HP 800 G1 office computer and I found this problem with the new computer:


If the GPU is connected to the motherboard, the computer turns on, CPU and GPU fans start spinning, however after a few seconds the VGA error LED turns on, then the CPU error LED turns on for less than half second and then the system restarts and the same thing happens again.


If the GPU is removed from the motherboard, the computer turns on but it still doesn't post and turns on the VGA error LED indicating no video detected, which is expected because of the CPU model. However there's no restarting, it just stays with the VGA error LED turned on. I can see my keyboard's caps key light turning on and off.


Troubleshoot Actions Taken:

- Disconnected and connected everything back on the motherboard, including re-installing the CPU, cooler and RAM and double checking every connection.

- Cleared the CMOS by jumping the pins on the motherboard following the manual instructions.

- I tried turning it on with only the GPU plugged in and none of the peripherals. Even tried some weird combinations suggested to someone on an MSI forum like connecting one monitor to the motherboard and other to the GPU, still no luck.

- Can confirm that the GPU is working as expected since is the one that I'm using on this old system.

- Can confirm that the PSU is working, I tested it with another older computer, everything worked as expected.

- In order to test the X16 PCI-e slot I tried connecting a X1 WiFi Adapter (I don't have other GPU) that I had in the old computer, there's no restart loop with it. Can see the network lights on the adapter blinking.


Possible issue:

Since everything seems to be working, my theory is that maybe the issue is that the GPU and Motherboard are not negotiating correctly which PCI-e version to use. I know from the BIOS manual that there's an option to set the X16 slot to 3.0, but I can't get there since I don't have video on my CPU. Doing this is even suggested in the step 11 of the No POST/No power up thread. But I couldn't find any information on to how to do that without going into the BIOS.

PC Specs

- Motherboard: MSI PRO H610M-G DDR4 911-7D46-008
- CPU: Core I5 12400F with the stock Cooler

- RAM: Single channel 1x16G Patriot Signature Premium 16GB DDR4-3200 PSD416G320081

- PSU: Azza 650W 80 Plus Bronze (tested)

- GPU: XFX AMD RX 550 4GB (tested)


I'm not sure if I should claim the motherboard (or other parts) warranty, since they might be fine and this is just a weird compatibility issue with my GPU.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Bios update is what you should do. That can fix these issues.


Have you tested with single stick of ram?


I Use my knowledge as business owner and self taught technician aswell as an AI to help people. AI might be controversial but it actually works pretty well 90% of the time.

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18 minutes ago, SavageNeo said:

Bios update is what you should do. That can fix these issues.

I'm not sure if it's possible to update the Bios without iGPU nor dGPU.

19 minutes ago, SavageNeo said:

Have you tested with single stick of ram?

Yes, I only have one stick. Tried on both ram slots of the motherboard.

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