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WPA Cracking Video Continuation

Not sure how interested the community is in this topic but I personally find demonstration of computing strength through brute force attempts super impressive.


I stumbled across this video on YouTube talking about a .7z file that had been posted to the AWS bucket for Mojang back around the Minecraft 1.0 release. They talk about how no one had figured out the password and so on.


Eventually, they posted a few more videos on this topic and after chatting with a Dev at Mojang (Dinnerbone), they were told that it only contained the Minecraft 1.0 release files that were meant to be used for demo at Minecon that year. A lot of people suspect that it contains minute differences from the release version that would be interesting to preserve.


This in mind, Dinnerbone also gave permission to crack it if the community really wanted to review the files themselves and compare it to the release candidate for 1.0.


Watching this video, I immediately thought about a program I had used to unlock an old file of mine that I had forgotten the password to (not sure if I'm allowed to name it but happy to share if that's okay, easy to find if you google for it).


Anyway, I attempted to run that program on the tominecon.7z file (with my measly 4080) and after about 5 minutes of full power consumption, it had tried ~10 million passwords with a target completion of 2035 and it kept going up.


Now, how is this relevant to LTT? Well, server manfacturers seem to love it when LTT shows off a nice drag race of their equipment and we know this is a 16 character numeric password. That's 1016 possible passwords and I think it would be insane to see how fast those systems can rip through more combinations.

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