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Network dropping scrubbing youtube or downloads?

Afternoon All.


For added context seems teh net drops for only 3-10 seconds at most but this happens when scrubbing youtube videos (Maybe every 5th time) so won't happen for a while then will every 5th time i scrub skip forward into a video.


Also notice when a download starts and legit downloads so using wowup for example for addons in wow when they update will again kill net for a few seconds.


It doesn't actually drop connection it seems.


I don't have a VPN currently (any recommendations on that most welcome btw used to use Express but only had 5 items supported need more tbh) it would show the connection dropping there but not within windows.


I'm in the UK and have Virgin Media about 500 down and 50 up 


This happens on wired connections. 


Already repalced the super hub.


The hub leads to a switch in my office and also another PC using Powerline in bedroom all have same issue.


Anyone got idea or where to even start testing networking is for sure my weakest tech area.

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