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Games keep closing, even Terraria!

Hey! Bought a new PC (specs below) and everything was fine in the first month or so, turned on XMP, tried undervolting and it was fine for 2-3 weeks, started to notice lag issues and crashes from time to time so i turned everything back to default, even though i set it back the lag was gone for abit but games kept crashing, now i crash in almost any game i play sometimes i get error codes sometimes i wont, and the crashes happens very often i can play a game of Call of Duty and 15 min in i crash and when i crash there i have issues even getting into the menu before crashing.


Games where ive crashed constantly is: AC Odyssey, MW3 Warzone, Lethal company (this crashes every 1-5 minutes its unplayable), i crash in Tekken 8, i lag hard in BO4 Zombies i have crashed here but not too often, multiple single player games like Death Stranding, i crash constantly on Terraria even, League of legends seems fine ive had crashes there but its like 2 total same goes for Valorant. So im basically stuck to playing Valorant or League of Legends only otherwise id be crashing left and right. Ive tried fixing these crashes with the games properties, running them as administrator, running them in dx11, tried running them with Full Screen Optimization turned off ive tried running them in windows 8 compatibility mode, ive factory reset the computer 2 times nothing seems to work and im unsure what else to do, i write here in hopes to get some help from experienced people who know alot more than i do.



GPU: Asus Strix 4090 White Edition

CPU: Intel Core I9 13900k

RAM: DDR5 7200 mhz G.Skill Trident Z 5

MOBO: Asus Prim Z790 A

SSD: Samsung pro 980/Samsung pro 990

FANS: Lian li Uni Fan V2


PSU: Corsair 1000w

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