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Coil whine increases strangely


My Asus Scar 16 laptop has coil whine. The sound is especially loud when moving the mouse.


When I reset Windows and never put it in economy or standard mode (using Intel GPU) and use the laptop in ultimate mode (Nvidia GPU) sound decreased and almost disappeared, but when ı put laptop into standart mode or into sleep mode the sound came back.İnteresting thing is that once the laptop goes to sleep mode or standard mode, the sound continues to be loud even if I switch it to ultimate mode again.


I wonder which part is causing this sound and when this sound comes back again, is there anything I can do other than reinstalling Windows every time?

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coil whine normally comes form a electronic part normally form the gpu but it can be in other things. if its the gpu its normally tied to fps hire the louder it is. nothing really can be done about it...🤷‍♂️

I have dyslexia plz be kind to me. dont like my post dont read it or respond thx

also i edit post alot because you no why...

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