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New Motherboard, PSU, and Tower. Motherboard receiving power, but PC won't boot.


CPU: Intel i7-4770

Motherboard: ASUS Intel LGA 1155 Micro ATX P8H67-M

Ram: Two sticks of DDR3 8gb ram

Storage: HDD 1 tb

Misc.: Tower Fans, Tower RGB light 

Hello, I have recently purchased a new Motherboard, PSU, and Tower. I moved all my components into my new Tower, but I still have my old Motherboard. The new motherboard is screwed in, my Graphics card, RAM, HDD, and CPU are all in and well-seated. My PSU is hooked up, plugged in to my wall, and connected to my HDD and motherboard. My I/O, fan, power, and audio connectors are all plugged into the motherboard. However when I attempt to boot my PC, nothing happens.

I double checked and confirmed that the front panel buttons are connected and booting the PC by touching the connectors with a screwdriver, so the buttons are not faulty. The PSU's cords have been hooked up with every wire, except the VGA wire because my Graphics Card doesn't have a connector for that. The motherboard has a green light on it, so it is recieving power. My monitor is plugged in to my wall outlet and motherboard as well. 

I've removed all but essential components such as 1 stick of RAM and the CPU so see if one of my components was faulty. It did not boot, even when removing all non-essential components. I've done this for both sticks of RAM.

This is everything I've tried this far, and I provided as much notable information as I could. Please help me troubleshoot this, I'll be on standby answer any questions.

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Found the error. The CPU and Motherboard were incompatible.

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