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Case Fan Motherboard Questions?

Do I need a specific motherboard to control led case fans? And are there adapters to branch case fans if the motherboard doesn’t have enough sys-fan connectors? Would led control still work if I used a sys-fan connector? Any recommendations for led case fans? I need 4 case fans that are led (3 in the front of the case and 1 in the back). I’d prefer to spend no more than 30. Any recommendations are appreciated 


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Ir depends what case fans you buy.


3-4 pin FAN headers on motherboards are just basic fan headers without RGB functionality.

On some motherboards CHA_FAN (chassis fan) are basic fan headers that are not supposed to give you the ability to control the fan speed through software or bios (fan curves in bios).


These are supposed to be used by case fans, which are supposed to be fans that run all the time at 100% but are designed to be silent and have the blades optimized for moving air as long as there's minimal amount of obstructions in the path (they're low on static pressure, case fans wouldn't work well on cpu heatsinks or water cooling radiators where all that metal in front of the fan would obstruct air)


Some headers on motherboards are called PUMP_FAN or something like that, because the wires on the motherboard are thicker in theory and the connector may be sturdier, in order to handle safely more current to the water pump of a water cooling system. But you can use these with regular fans.


CPU_FAN may be special in the sense that it's a regular fan header but the bios may have options to monitor it and do something if the speed of the fan falls below some threshold (ex warn you that the cp may overheat because the fan is seized). A lot of bioses will also have a separate fan curve for this connector and allow you to customize fan speeds based on measured cpu temperature, if you want.


Other fan headers may be different than CHA_FAN headers only by the fact that you may be able to set fan curves in bios or be able to adjust fan speed through software.


There's multiple rgb standards in computers, there's addressable RGB, there's regular RGB ... there's 5v and 12v versions of both.

Adressable RGB will have 3  wires in a 4 pin header : 5v , data, ground .. the connector will have 4 positions but one will be empty.

The regular RGB will have 4 wires in a 4 pin header :  5v or 12v , red, green, blue (or some other order.


If your fan has adressable RGB but the motherboard has only the regular RGB, it won't work to plug the fan into that header.


If the fan has only a 3-4 pin regular fan header, then most likely you can't control the colors on the fan... it will be some preset pattern.  Some fans will have a custom cable with 5 or more wires and either give you splitter to separate into the 3-4 pin fan header and rgb cable or you're supposed to use a fan controller to power the fans.



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