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Laptop with some kind of weird problem


So I bought a laptop because it was broken from a Pawn Shop, they said they couldn't reset it.  I figured I would just reinstall Windows, call it a day and resell it or use it.  I boot onto it and it boots to some user's Windows 11 install, I don't pay too close attention to that, and try to reinstall Windows, the drive doesn't show up.  I thought that was weird, but didn't think too much of it since I've had similar problems before, so I installed Windows on a separate computer to try to remedy this (see my other Topic to experience what havoc that wrought) and now it does not even detect the drive as a boot drive at all.  My theory is that the board was somehow tied to that install of Windows (which is now gone forever) is there any way to get this laptop back?  Or can anyone even tell me what happened?


I'm not upset because I paid 30 dollars for it and at worst I got a 512 GB NVME SSD and a 4 GB stick of DDR4 memory, which is worth $30, but I'm pretty sure it's a better CPU than my daily driver laptop, so I would like to salvage it to use if I can.

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