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Weird audio cackling sound after updating Windows


Been losing my mind over this one.

I recently got a Predator Helios 300 laptop that was working fine out of the box. The only issue was it came installed with Windows 11 21H2, and this version had an issue with Red Dead Redemption 2, which caused the game failed to launch.


As I wanted to play the game, I decided to upgrade it to 23H2. The game now launches, but the laptop then has this weird issue, where if the audio has been silent for more than 1-5 minutes, then if there's audio being played after that, there will be this weird cackling noise before the audio gets played. It sounds high-pitched and quite loud, like someone just made a rat squeak into my ears.


The issue also happens on 22H2, and it only goes away if I use 21H2. It also only happens when using earphones, i heard nothing of sort when using speakers. I have tried to disable any audio enhancement, DDU'd audio driver and graphics driver, repair the operating system ( have not reinstalled the entire OS yet ), but no luck. I only saw one article on the internet talking about this, but never knew if they managed to resolve the issue.


Does anyone know how to fix this? I really don't want to reinstall the OS, especially when i do not know if it'll actually fix the issue.

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