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Triple monitor setup+4K tv, any good advice on how to switch between? (also possible upgrade for quad setup with an overhead monitor)


Hey. I have recently set up a sim rig with a triple monitor setup for my gaming PC.

Whenever i want to play other games that is not sim games i will use the 4K tv i have in my living room, instead of moving the gaming PC around a lot between the living room and the gaming room.

My gaming PC runs an RTX 4080 that has 3x DP and 2x HDMI. The triple monitors run on the display ports and the TV will run on one of the HDMI ports. I have not yet set up for the TV.
I will need to run a long HDMI cable to the TV so i am thinking fiber optic HDMI cable between 5-10m, unless there are some other ways. 4K tv has 120hz, HDMI 2.1, eARC, VRR, HDR10.

At some point, i will also upgrade to have a 4th monitor on the sim rig for an overhead monitor above the center one, so how i can solve this?

Also what is the best way, run the triple monitors using Nvidia surround or is it something else that is better than it? The overhead monitor won't be running using Nvidia surround.

The HDMI cable between the TV and the PC will be disconnected when i am using the sim rig.


Any advice to run a setup like this?

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