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New RAM didn't work. Old RAM won't work either. Can't boot/post. Q Code Error 53.


System Specs:


Windows 10

Z370 Taichi Motherboard

i5 8600k CPU

Corsair RM 850x PSU

RTX 3080 GPU


Old ram:

Vengeance DDR4  3600 Mhz (Two 8GB sticks)



New ram:
TeamGroup 32 GB DDR4 3600(Two 16GB sticks)



Hello and thank you in advance for any tips/advice. I will try to be concise.


I purchased new RAM and removed my current RAM from slots 2 and 4, put in the new RAM and my mobo showed a code 53 error memory issue.


Tried each new RAM stick one at a time, in all 4 slots and got code 53 each time and can't get to boot manager/nothing on monitor.


I put my old RAM back in, same issue with both of my old RAM sticks. Tried each of the old RAM sticks one at a time, in every slot, and got code 53.


I read to try resetting CMOS using button on back of PC and then tried putting in all four RAM sticks again, one at a time, across all 4 slots, resetting CMOS several times between.


Error Code 53 mentions possible issue with CPU so perhaps it just a very coincidental time to die on me but it seems more likely than all 4 RAM sticks no longer working.


If my CPU or mobo went bad then I'm likely going to build a new system since those are my bottlenecks currently but want to make sure I'm not missing anything before I abandon all hope.


Thank you very much for your help and thank you for reading!


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