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Display Output Issue on LG TV




I’ve noticed a strange behaviour from my display output and can’t figure out what it could be. When I switched to a 3060Ti a few months ago, I was able to put the refresh rate to 120Hz for my secondary monitor (an LG TV). The thing is, when in 120Hz, and it seems to do it even more in HDR (but maybe it’s just me), the TV randomly goes black for a split second then it comes back to normal. When it does, I have the notification « Instant Gaming Response » popping up on the TV.

At first, I thought my HDMI cable was at fault, because it was not HDMI 2.1 and I was trying to use it for 4K 120Hz. I went ahead and bought an HDMI2.1 cable. It seems to me that it’s doing it a bit less, but I still occasionnally have the issue. So, I’m wondering if it could be the GPU maybe? Or the TV itself?


I searched a bit online and found that some people were having the issue with LG TVs and PS5s, but I did not find a fix for it. If someone know what could be going on, I will appreciate the help. Thank you ! 🙂 

PS: The TV is an LG B9, and my drivers are up to date. Also, my main monitor (AOC 1080P IPS) does not seem to have any issue at all.

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I have same TV with 3070 connected. It is probably still the HDMI cable. I think the data rate required as you go higher up puts more stress on all parts. You might or might not have better luck with another cable. Right now, I rarely get that happening, but it was worse in the past. I don't use HDR so it might be less of a problem for me.


On PS5 there are options in there to reduce data rate, but it may come at a cost in image quality. I didn't look into it further.

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