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Weekly Sponsor Concerns Update - Dec 8, 2023

Other James

Hey all, I’m back with our weekly update. We had a few issues this week with promo codes not working, and one longer struggle a member of our community had with a sponsor. 

iFixit had run a Black Friday promotion on one of our TechLinked videos for a discount as well as free shipping. There was a bit of miscommunication because the window for the promotion had changed at some point, and the promotion was no longer active before the video was released. We had confirmed with them multiple times that everything was good to go, and this was a bit of a surprise to us as well when we saw people having issues with the code not working.

On last Friday’s TechQuickie, the promo code for GL.iNet didn’t work. The promo for GL.iNet’s Beryl AX was the original promotion and product that we were asked to promote. However, shortly before the video was set to go live, they asked us to switch to promoting their Slate AX. We said we’d also add it to the description box and thought that would be good enough. However, it wasn’t clear that the original code and promotion would no longer be valid. We updated the description box for the 20% off the Slate AX, and pinned a comment hoping to add some clarity.

Green Man Gaming
A few of you are having issues with the gold member status code not arriving. We’ve let GMG know, they’re still unsure of exactly what is causing the error. If anyone who didn’t receive their code/gold member status initially has since received it, please let us know. This one we are still looking into.

Earlier today someone shared their experience with Pulseway’s support. A contact from Pulseway emailed and called this individual relentlessly. Even after Pulseway was asked to stop multiple times, they did not. Even after canceling their service, the poster is still being told they have to get on a call to finalize the cancelation process. While it has been a little while since we’ve done anything with Pulseway, we have maintained communication with them. This, alongside some of their cancellation policies on their ToS, are things we would like to see addressed before we start looking at anything long-term with Pulseway.

This is one that didn’t pop up in the forum, but we did catch a mention or two in a recent video that Govee had sponsored. A couple individuals had said they enjoyed Govee products, but, API support could be improved. However, one comment stood out, saying that API support had completely stopped shortly before the video went live. Regarding discontinued support, we’re happy to report that they have done nothing to reduce capabilities of third parties. Regarding the quality of API support, Govee is aware that some SKUs are more supported than others. There are currently limits for request calls, but they are always working at updating and improving them, and they do their best to be transparent with not just us, but anyone that uses their products. I’ll add a couple of links here if you’re curious to see more:

API Guidance: https://app-h5.govee.com/user-manual/gateway-intro/common
Govee Development Platform: https://developer.govee.com/

Thanks again, everyone. We appreciated the feedback this previous week. Especially when it comes to bad links, we do want to get on top of those as quickly as possible. Until next time.

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