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PC "shuts off", no display, fans go 100%, everything else runs just the display is off

So far ive changed psus, gpus, and added more ram.


so i thought this was a psu issue but after changing them and not having any issues for 3 years it finally started doing it on this one aswell.

my pc "shuts down", fans ramp up to 100% and displays turn off/say theres no output detected, i can still hear whatever i was doing before i crashed

temps are fine i have a deepcool cpu cooler and the case has 5 fans so everything is fine ish. (both cpu and gpu never go over 78 degrees)

ive done ram tests and results came out fine, ive had this pc to a pc repair shop that i trust they had it run for 5 days straight with furmark results and everything and it didnt crash once .


im going insane at this point there isnt anything i havent tried.

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