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[W11] Can't open any program after a few seconds of startup

Hello, I've been having this weird issue since yesterday, when I log in into my PC I'm able to open programs for only a few seconds before it blocks me out of opening anything else, after that it looks like every single program is not detected anymore, from file explorer to the calculator app, settings, anything it's just like is not installed.

I've done a clean windows install and the issue persists.


List of software I install when starting anew:

-razer synapse V3

-XPpen driver

-nvidia drivers

-amd chipset

-realtek audio and LAN drivers

-windows update



Rtx 3070 TUF gaming

Ryzen 7 5700x

Aorus B450 Elite

16GB ram crucial ballistic 3200mhz

Crucial bx500 240gb (windows goes here)

Adata swordfish 500gb M2

Kingston 2TB M2

Seagate Barracuda 2Tb HDD

Asus ROG 650w 80+ gold full modular PSU

Windows 11 22H2


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