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Sound bug I've been having for a long time now




I've been having a weird sound bug for about 2 years now. Been an issue since buying the PC. I will put a video below. I have switched mics and headphones trying to fix this issue but neither helped.


When playing a game that has voice chat my PC will lag for a brief moment, both audio and video lag, and my mic will stop working until I restart the game. It doesn't happen all the time but when it happens once it will happen again and again unless I uninstall and reinstall my graphic drivers. This will stop it from happening for a day or two. I'm getting really tired of dealing with this so any help is greatly appreciated. If you need anymore information let me know.



Cpu: i9-12900K

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z690-P


GPU: Gigabyte  3080 Ti


The video is an old one but it's still the same issue.

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