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What is the best pc build you can think of?


Ok, this might get taken off the thread but here it goes. This is to help anyone out there who doesn’t know where to start with a pc build. What is the absolute best build you can think of. You can go for price to performance, just straight power, cheap builds, or anything you can think of. You can recommend a whole build, just one part, or anything in between. Also, if you really fell the need to, go ahead and mention any parts that people should avoid, just be sure to specify if you are going to do so. So, go ahead, tell me (and everyone else) what the best build you can think of is.


P.S. The reason I am doing this here is so that anyone who is new and looking for help building their first pc can find this easy, and I am fine if this gets taken down or (if it is possible because of don’t know if it is) moved to general discussion.

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We don't need nor want threads like this as it will only devolved into semantics and nitpicking. If people want/need help with planning there builds, they can post and ask for help themselves. 

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