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RX 5700 XT Poor performance


The main problem is in Witcher 3 next gen version, it performs poorly in Beauclair area and in any city as well, but especially bad in that region, drops power usage to half from 210W to 100W and cuts frequency to around 1500mhz and can barrely do 30ish fps, no matter the preset. I already reinstalled windows and wiped the drives since i had nvidia gpu before this, didnt help. Other games it runs as its supposed to, but i have at least 2 crashes per week, seems amd really is crap, 1070 was rock solid never had a crash with it. I cleaned and repasted the gpu and it passes 6 hour furmark load flawlessly, in conclusion crap drivers. Any fix for the Witcher 3 issue or is it like that across the board? CPU is ryzen 2600X.

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