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FPS going bad after some seconds after startup


So i need a nerdy guy to tell me whats going on.

I have my laptop a Acer Aspire V3-571G from 2013 

The components are :

Intel Pentium B960 2.20Ghz 2C 2T

Nvidia Geforce GT630M 1GB Vram


6GB Ram DDR3-1333MHz

Operating sistem: Ghostspectre V13 Compact 22H2

Idle temps after running for some time are :

CPU:76°C avg

GPU:76°C avg


Idle temps after shutdown and letting it cool :




 But when i start a game its game over for temps

73°C CPU

69°C GPU (no joke)

And it goes to the temps specified first while gaming


When i start the laptop (plugged in) i go into subnautica for example i have a solid 40fps but after 20 seconds it drops to 15fps

Same with other games like minecraft survival with optifine 60 fps and than 20-30 fps 


The gpu is using the latest driver 391.35 i think it was

The bios is old so i don't have XMP or other advanced features so basicly its useless

I don't wanna switch to a gaming laptop for the moment

The laptop is externaly colled by a 1 fan cooler 

Always plugged in cause the battery is dead (The battery is still in)

2022 was the last time that it was cleaned and thermal paste put everywhere.

Cause of custom os and optimizations i have no blootware

104 Procceses 


Uptime only 10 minutes to heat up

1.8 GB windows using

Half of procceses are windows the rest is nvidia ,ghub,realtek and others



I hope i get a fast response cause i've been playing games a lot and i wanted to fix this for a long time

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77°C cpu while gaming i think is not bad but 85°C and above it would be

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That cpu has a junction temperature of only 85 °C.

CPUs usually start thermal throttling before they reach their maximum allowed temperature.

76 °C is very likely to be the limit that the BIOS is allowing. It looks like another clean-out will be necessary.


Good luck.

Qoute my reply if you want me to answer back. 

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