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RTX 2070 Super showing signs of failure


I have the 3x windforce model by gigabyte, and I bought it second hand off of offerup for a decent price last year. It was bought around June of last year, and it's always worked fine, decent temps, not too loud or any crashes. As of starting of October of this year, it's started to show artifacts that is on screen for about 0.2 seconds and then goes away and happens again anywhere from 5-60 minutes later. Recently it's started to artifact more and stay on screen for around 1-2 seconds. I solved the problem previously by using MSI afterburner and turning the power limit down to around 85, and it was fine. It artifacted much less and I thought the issue was solved. The thing is that it never artifacts while under load. Only under idle use when I'm watching youtube videos, scrolling through text or whatnot. The artifacts are usually black and white and are in a checker board pattern. The graphics card is definietely not overheating, as after a repaste, it's running at 60c under load which is completely normal and fine. Any idea's what to do? I only have a 1080p monitor so I'm fine with how it performs and I don't want it to die

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