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SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 SM-G950F does not detect shaking


I found a SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 SM-G950F phone thrown away in the dumpster with a cracked screen on the front and a cracked casing on the back, but it works and apart from the cracked screen, the screen is clearly visible.

This smartphone had Android version 9 installed and I flashed this Android version to version 9, but a little newer


On this website https://www.sammobile.com I selected the country for the version of Android is downloading, what is the difference between the version for one country or another?

I installed the Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=TellMeTheTime.App&hl=en_US program and when I set the clock to talk by shaking it, it doesn't want to work. On an older Smartphone, this program worked with just a shake. I have installed various shake monitoring applications on this SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 SM-G950F Smartphone and when I shake the phone, these applications do not detect anything.

It is possible to make this Smartphone vibrate, but it is not possible to make the Smartphone respond to shaking.

Is it the fault of the damaged Smartphone or the fault of Android?

How can I root this Smartphone to use Autorun Manager Pro?

I tried to root this smartphone with the Superuser and KingoRoot programs via Windows when the phone was connected to the computer and it didn't work. I also tried to root this Smartphone with these programs in the APK version for Android and it said that these programs are for older versions of Android.

Is this Smartphone new or old?
Is it possible to flash this Smartphone with a newer version of Android 10 or even a newer version and would it be good or bad for this Smartphone to look for and try to flash a newer version of Android or is it unnecessary?

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hopefully it is compatible with your device.  You'll need an unlocked bootloader and TWRP or teamwin recovery project.

: JRE #1914 Siddarth Kara

How bad is e-waste?  Listen to that Joe Rogan episode.


"Now you get what you want, but do you want more?
- Bob Marley, Rastaman Vibration album 1976


Windows 11 will just force business to "recycle" "obscolete" hardware.  Microsoft definitely isn't bothered by this at all, and seems to want hardware produced just a few years ago to be considered obsolete.  They have also not shown any interest nor has any other company in a similar financial position, to help increase tech recycling whatsoever.  Windows 12 might be cloud-based and be a monthly or yearly fee.


Software suggestions

Just get f.lux [Link removed due to forum rules] so your screen isn't bright white at night, a golden orange in place of stark 6500K bluish white.

released in 2008 and still being improved.


Dark Reader addon for webpages.  Pick any color you want for both background and text (background and foreground page elements).  Enable the preview mode on desktop for Firefox and Chrome addon, by clicking the dark reader addon settings, Choose dev tools amd click preview mode.


NoScript or EFF's privacy badger addons can block many scripts and websites that would load and track you, possibly halving page load time!


F-droid is a place to install open-source software for android, Antennapod, RethinkDNS, Fennec which is Firefox with about:config, lots of performance and other changes available, mozilla KB has a huge database of what most of the settings do.  Most software in the repository only requires Android 5 and 6!


I recommend firewall apps (blocks apps) and dns filters (redirect all dns requests on android, to your choice of dns, even if overridden).  RethinkDNS is my pick and I set it to use pi-hole, installed inside Ubuntu/Debian, which is inside Virtualbox, until I go to a website, nothing at all connects to any other server.  I also use NextDNS.io to do the same when away from home wi-fi or even cellular!  I can even tether from cellular to any device sharing via wi-fi, and block anything with dns set to NextDNS, regardless if the device allows changing dns.  This style of network filtration is being overridden by software updates on some devices, forcing a backup dns provuder, such as google dns, when built in dns requests are not connecting.  Without a complete firewall setup, dns redirection itself is no longer always effective.

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