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Weird flickering occurs occasionally on my Display.


So I have a bit of a weird issue, and it's one that only seems to manifest whenever I am browsing the web. For reference for display purposes I am using an AW3423DWF and a RTX 4080.


The issue itself, as mentioned, only seems to occur (or at the very least this is the only time I really notice it) when browsing the Web on my Desktop. The flickering itself can be described as a slightly darker contrast/brightness to my display that occupies maybe the top quarter of my screen. It's also very inconsistent. Sometimes it'll go by a long time without anything happening, but it can also occur multiple times in the same few minutes. Troubleshooting steps I've so far taken is buying a new DisplayPort Cable. I also took recommendations to have the Monitor on it's own Power Lead and not sharing with any other appliances. I've also tried swapping from Edge to OperaGX as my browser in case it was a browser issue. To my knowledge, this flickering does not seem to occur at all when I am running games and other full screen applications. It only seems to be when just browsing the web and mostly when I'm changing tabs or something similar.


It's a weird situation that I'm not wholly sure what to make of. I'd love some input if anything has any knowledge on this or even personal experience. I'm a little baffled as to what exactly might be going on.

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