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product idea for screwdriver pen/pencil


-be me

-i pulled out my framework screwdriver

-my gf said thats a nice pen

-3 seconds pass

-"thats not a pen is it"

-i unscrew the the screws on my laptop

-she hides in embaressment

i present to you an idea

a pen/pencil that looks聽 like a screwdriver

maybe it even is a screwdriver

are you tired of having read on a new line every 6 words yet?





it could have a spudger

maybe it could be a colab item

the ltt,dbrand,framework,ridge(they do pens go look at them)

would it be more expensive than it should be?


would it be kinda cool?

i think so

they have post it notes so make a mini notebook to go with it and a nice pen honestly i dont think its a bad idea

is it realistic? probably not no

anyway thank you for coming to my ted talk 馃檪

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