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Samsung 990 Pro 2TB {Heatsink} | Motherboard POST issue


Hello everyone,

I recently got a Samsung 990 Pro 2TB with a heatsink and encountered some issues. Here's a rundown of the events:

1. Installed the Samsung 990 Pro 2TB with heatsink without any hitches.
2. Computer failed to POST; troubleshooting involved removing all USB devices with no success.
3. Only successful POST occurred after removing the newly installed 990 Pro NVMe SSD.
4. Into the BIOS, reinserted the SSD, and successfully POSTed again with the 990 Pro inserted after reboot from BIOS.
5. Windows installation initiated, but during the reboot process, the system hung and failed to POST.
6. Seeking assistance at Memory Express, they were unable to read the NVMe on their test machine, indicating it was recognized as dead.
7. Received a replacement from Memory Express, but now the same boot loop issue persisted.
8. Boot loop and random POSTs occurred after approximately 5 minutes, with LEDs on the motherboard indicating continuous looping.

Any insights or experiences with this issue? I also have another NVMe drive that works flawlessly; the intention was to upgrade, but I'm currently facing persistent problems with the Samsung 990 Pro. Disappointed and seeking advice.


Edit: Forgot to mention I updated my BIOS to the latest version. I checked on Samsung Magician and the drive was latest firmware as well.


Mother board is ASUS x570 TUF Gaming (Wifi)

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