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Upgrade from 1080 to rtx 4070




I am planning to upgrade from GTX 1080 to RTX 4070 but from what I can search my CPU will be severly bottlenecked by the upgrade. 

4070 would be for 550eur approximately.


My current setup is: 

Ryzen 7 3700X

32GB of RAM

600Watt PSU



I am playing on 1440p resolution.

Games I play are mostly single player not exactly AAA games like: 

The Divison 2

Far Cry 6

TitanFall 2

plan to start Hogwarts Legacy, Plague: Tale of Innocent, etc. 


1080 is sufficient for now but I would like to play on higher details with 144 fps preferably and without PSU upgrade.


What would you guys suggest please? 

Maybe someone that did this kind of upgrade could tell me if it makes sense? 


Thank you very much for response.



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It's am4, so you still can upgrade up to 5800x3d, you can buy the gpu now (tho 7900xt is better), and upgrade your cpu after you get the money, it will still be playable with your current cpu, but a bit bottlenecked

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Well, do the upgrade and then buy the 5700X3D which supposedly comes early next year.

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CPU isn't that bad. If you're mainly GPU limited then the 4070 would be a significant uplift in performance. If you later feel the CPU still needs an upgrade then 5800X3D is about the best gaming choice to drop in. Rumoured 5700X3D might be cheaper option if/when it happens. Even other 5000 series without 3D could be considered but it will be a smaller gain.

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Gaming laptop: Lenovo Legion 5, 5800H, RTX 3070, Kingston DDR4 3200C22 2x16GB 2Rx8, Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB + Crucial P1 1TB SSD, 165 Hz IPS 1080p G-Sync Compatible

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Thank you for quick replies.

I was looking at the 7900XT as mentioned by MiszS but that's unfortunately way over my budget.

I was also looking on 7800XT and it looks promising as well, never had experience with team red GPU and from what I saw, drivers are not as user friendly as team green's are. 

I will not be streaming, very rarely edit videos in Premiere Pro, and more occasionaly do some quick Photoshop edits and I know that Nvidia's gpus are better option because of NVENC encoder and CUDA cores.

Altough 7800XT would require also PSU upgrade.


Anyways, thank you guys for your insightful thoughts and I will be buying the 4070 for christmas. 

My last question on topic is what would you suggest in terms of number of fans. 


I read that for 4070, dual fan GPU is adequate but I was just wondering if triple fan GPU would be a better option.


Case clearance is not an issue.



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