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I posted here about a week ago about a 7970 vs a670. I picked the the 7970, but before I buy it, I'm wondering if I should save some cash and get the 7950 instead. I play only at 1080p, but I love that eye candy. So will I be fine with a 7950 if I put all my games at the highest settings, and play at 1080?

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7950 is so close to the 7970 and if you're comfortable overclocking I think every review I read the 7950 can usually be clocked up to match the performance of the 7970.

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I have a 7950 and at stock speeds I can run any game I throw at it with 60+ fps. If you ask me, the 7970 just isn't worth the extra money for the ~10% performance increase you get.


Oh, and also, if you're lucky you can overclock a 7950 to match/out perform a 7970 ;)


EDIT: If you're going to overclock and don't want to water cool, I suggest getting the Gigabyte Windforce version (it has 3 fans, keeps it nice and cool). 

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of course you can save some cash and buy a 7950, good performance, and as others said above you can OC if needed, but i dont think you will need any OC even at 1080p!

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There are a few games where the 7970 is noticeably faster than the 7950 especially after overclocking.

Those games are Crysis 3 & Far Cry 3.

But in most other games you will not notice a performance difference.

The best 3 7950s that I would recommend are the HIS IceQ X2, Sapphire Dual-X & MSI Twinfrozr III.

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Thanks guys so much!! I'll go shopping for a 7950 now ;)

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If you want the eye candy "ALL OF THE EYE CANDY" then get the 7970.

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