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Need help. Pc was working. Now gpu causing powercycling issues.

I recently upgrade my gpu from a Gtx 980 to a rtx 3090 msi suprim x. Doing so I upgrade my power supply from a 750w to a 850w. I also purchased a new case to fit the gpu. Essentially rebuilt the computer from the ground up last week and have not had much of a chance to use it. Fresh windows install and updated drivers.

The pc worked flawlessly after the rebuild. The pc turned on today. Watching videos and decided to undervolt the gpu. Everything seem to be fine. Found a stable undervolt and ran benchmarks with no issue. I then decided to turn the pc off to get some errands done and clicked update and shut down. I soon noticed that as the pc shut down, it was turning back on and then shut down again. Pc began power cycling. Nothing I’ve done has been able to solve the issue. 

Steps I’ve taken:
-removed gpu
- reset cmos by removing the battery
-started pc without gpu and got into bios
-updated bios again
-went into windows with integrated graphics to reset msi afterburner settings
-reinstalled gpu and kept display connections to integrated graphics 

Nothing works as soon as I install the gpu. It power cycles.

The lights on the mobo go from cpu dram vga and stops at vga then shuts down. Never makes it to the boot light. 

Does anyone have any solution as to what have gone wrong? It was working perfectly fine before I hit update and shut down.

Msi z490 A-pro mobo
I5 11600k
Rtx 3090 Msi suprim x 
G.skill ripjaw ram 2 8gb sticks
Nzxt kraken 360 aio
Thermaltake toughpower gf1 850w gold
Corsair 5000x case

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I have the same issue, it all started when diablo 4 released and now i am thinking of RMAing my card.


Edit: I used my card over a year with a riser cable. Now i plugged the gpu straight to the mobo and currently testing it without any issue. I think i need to buy a new raiser cable.

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