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Warzone fps drop for no reason help


It could be one of 2 reasons.


Reason 1: GPU Bottleneck 

The 6650XT is a little bit too weak for the Ryzen 5 7600. I would recommend at least a 6700 XT. But that wouldn't cause a sudden dip in fps.


Reason 2: Warm Temputars

While you were playing both your CPU and GPU were at 65c to 70c degrees. This is beyond the range of acceptable and could be causing issues. 


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On 10/2/2023 at 4:08 PM, Funnygibbon888 said:


My warzone 2 fps goes down until 30. Any fixes/ideas that would work. I can't find anything. I don't have amd image sharpening only anti-lag.

Is Warzone the only game that does this? There's no issues with your temps or any of that. I know Warzone in the past has had weird frame rate issues. 

We'd need more information to go off of. 

I'm not actually trying to be as grumpy as it seems.

I will find your mentions of Ikea or Gnome and I will /s post. 

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Why is the 5800x so hot?



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