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Help with setup - Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro + Scarlett 2i2 + Shure SM7B

I'm looking to upgrade my current microphone setup to something much better.


I was looking into XLR microphones, and a lot of people seem to recommend the Shure SM7B. my question is if my audio interface will be able to support both my Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro and the microphone itself.


I looked into a couple of reviews, and most people said that if I decide to pair both the 2i2 and the SM7B I would need Cloudlifter CL-1 (Not a problem, also look for other lifters).


My current microphone is a hyper quadcast but I wanted to upgrade to XLR.


I need some info on this setup.


Also, it's a good idea to decide now, if its a better idea to upgrade my audio interface when I buy the SM7B or keep it and just buy a lifter.


Thanks in advance

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So...... I have very little experience with mic setups.  I daily drove a Sennheiser game headset for years, then went to an antlion when I decided to go to audiophile headphones and recently upgraded to a complete Rode mic setup when my antlion started to break.


What I can give as food for thought, my friend who sold me my 1990pro said that he enjoyed them on his scarlet interface but they hurt his head after a while.  So I would make an educated guess that it will sound good on there.  I believe he had a higher end version but I can ask him tomorrow when I talk to him again.  So far as the pre-amp, I would be amazed that an interface can't run both headphones and an XLR mic at the same time, just sounds like a poor design.  A quick google search shows that the new generation has XLR input's on the back but the older one has them on the front.  Don't know what that means but if they aren't putting it on the front.... doesn't sound like it's designed to use that primarily.... just a shot in the dark though.  Still.... I see no reason not to just get the mic and try it out and if you need a pre-amp or even a new interface.... Then pull the trigger.  Literally nothing is lost by trying it with what you have.


Also I will say that the other day the same friend said that his Scarlett died a couple months out of warranty and his research in hindsight showed this as a very common problem.  So he moved on to a different brand.  That changes nothing if you are going to try a mic on your current setup, however if you plan on a lifter or new interface I would suggest doing some research into Scarlett first.


A note on the 1990pro: I find them as an excellent headphone that go toe to toe with my Focal Elex which are my current favorites.  Subtle differences in bass presentation as well as imaging and soundstage.  They are excellent headphones and one of the mid-fi end game headphones.  The only thing I have that can compare to them is the Elex which is dead even and down to preference, or my other myriad of headphones that can do one thing or another better but as a whole package.... the 1990pro is excellent.  I am drawn more to the Elex, and my dt880-600 can beat it on the thing's it does better than the Elex, but again as a package the 1990pro is superb.

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*given as gift or out of commission

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I might have forgot to add this (my bad), but I already own my 1990 Pro, I can understand they can be quite uncomfortable for some people due to their pressure and weight.


I looked into this youtube video https://youtu.be/S4nWpyOXuOQ?si=gu8qhtCrW6VkTX8d and https://youtu.be/Tzt0zz84dgM?si=wuowA52oyv3U4H2h 


Those are from the same channel, and they each give a little bit of perspective on the setup. He mentioned that I would have to give the gain near 100% in order to start seeing the green light. and If I were to use a lifter I would have to use the phantom power (48V), to get somewhere around -16 dbs.


I have no idea how that would translate to a discord/game lobby or recording something.


Thanks for bringing the issue with the scarlet I have my 2i2 for a little less than a year and I already had to change the usb-c cable it came with, it stopped working out of nowhere.


I agree with you that it would be a poor design if they didn't have enough power to both a XLR microphone and headsets.


Another reason for the question is that I would prefer not to have my audio interface being used with near max output of power, since it could block future changes/upgrades in my setup. such as adding using a guitar in that interface, running a second microphone.


@Psittac can you check with your friend which brand of audio interface he has moved to? Having a recommendation on that would be good.




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Get a cloudlifter right away when you order the SM7B. Enjoy your new microphone audio quality.

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