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pc not starting after motherboard and psu change

IMG_2571.thumb.jpeg.04d5459c8fa218f3e68173250a9dac53.jpegIMG_2570.thumb.jpeg.44e5c3ed955bc86c315d1690e9c20825.jpegI changed my psu and motherboatd due to them being broken and now when I changed when I plug in the psu and turn the start button to on my keyboard and mouse lights up and when I press the start button it doesn’t start so the thing is the pc reacts to when I flip the switch to on on the psu but it doesn’t want to start. The power switch lights up aswell. 
what can the problem be


Ryzen 5 3600

gigabyte A520M Ds3H

Msi mpg a650gf 650W

Corsair venegrqnce 2x8 gb 3600 MHz 


Im linking a photo of the motherboatd and ignore the cables at the bottom they are spares. IMG_2569.thumb.jpeg.f4904ba72bf35de487ad486c917fbb99.jpeg

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