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Cougar Challenger case modding, help and advice needed


Hello everyone!
I have this Cougar Challenger case that I never liked the way it looked (got it for free when I was buying my parts 10 years ago, I guess they were struggling to sell these, haha). Mine is completely black as the one shown on the article, just a clarification because I know they did some version with some orange colors or white here and there. I want to continue using it since I work fixing computers now and this very handy SATA drive bay saves me a lot of time, and also any money I could save by reusing this case, is money I could be spending on the actual new PC parts I will probably need to pick very soon (my PC is showing THE SIGNS, you know?).
I was thinking of spray painting it completely whiteish grey (the same color as the PS1), and here's question number one: Since I never did this, should I get a particular type of spray paint, or basically any would suffice?

The case itself doesn't bother me, and I grew on the missile launch style power button, but the front of the case always icked me. It's hard to keep clean because of all of these tiny details, it's BIG, plus it has a big fan on the front that stopped working like 3 months after I got this case. But it's removable, very easily in fact (the broken fan too), so I was thinking of instead of spray painting it too, I could just make a new one and print it...? I have a friend that owns a 3D printer and I guess filament is cheaper than a case... I don't know 3D modelling at all, haha, but since I just want something retangular and normal, maybe there's something ready on the internet already, or something that just needs some touch to work? Another advice on that is deeply needed.

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can it be done ya will some one do it for you no. 99.9% there wont be a 3d print for it.

deeding on your new build you might need a new case anyway... gpus wont fit, air flow is shit, posably other problems...


as for paint i dont no there like a million tutorials on youtube about it. the more time spent the better it looks...

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Thrasher_565 hub links build logs

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5v device to 12v mb header

Odds and Sods Argb Rgb Links


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