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How do I power an M.2 external GPU properly?


Hi, I was wondering what the best way to power my M.2 eGPU would be.


The card used is an RX 6600 with 8-pin power.

I have gotten it to work but it sometimes booted to a code 43 in Windows. I also want to avoid power-related problems, hence why I am seeking advice.

(I did find that booting AFTER initialising the video card resulted in less code 43s)


This adapter board (from JHH) has the following connectors:

  • 24-pin ATX input
  • 4-pin EPS (CPU) input
  • Dell Proprietary 8-pin connector (idk what this is, can't find anything on Google)
  • DC 12V--10A input (for a laptop AC adapter capable of 12V)
  • 8-pin PCIe output (intended to power the video card through the adapter rather than directly from the PSU, in case the PSU has no PCIe power despite 12V rail being sufficient)
  • An M.2 ribbon cable
  • A PCIe slot

I've been using it with the CPU 4-pin connected to the board and with PCIe 8-pin directly to the card. The PSU is shorted (green wire) to power on when the switch is flipped.

Back when I bought the adapter, I powered it with the 24-pin at first but the laptop didn't POST, so I changed to this 4-pin config and stuck to it. I haven't tried the 24-pin since.


What configuration do you guys recommend?

Asus ROG G531GT : i7-9750H - GTX 1650M +700mem - MSI RX6600 Armor 8G M.2 eGPU - Samsung 16+8GB PC4-2666 - Samsung 860 EVO 500G 2.5" - 1920x1080@145Hz (172Hz) IPS panel

Family PC : i5-4590 (-125mV) - dual-pipe cooler - Gigabyte B85M-D3H Rev1.2 - RX570 8G - Kingston HyperX Fury 4x4GB PC3-1600 - Sunflower 500W Bronze - Asus M32 case

Test bench 1 G3260 - i5-4690K - 6-pipe cooler - Asus Z97-AR - Panram Blue Lightsaber 2x4GB PC3-2800 - Micron CT500P1SSD8 NVMe - Intel SSD320 40G SSD

iMac 21.5" (late 2011) : i5-2400S, HD 6750M 512MB - Samsung 4x4GB PC3-1333 - WT200 512G SSD (High Sierra) - 1920x1080@60 LCD


Test bench 2: G3260 - H81M-C - Kingston 2x4GB PC3-1600 - Winten WT200 512G

Acer Z5610 "Theatre" C2 Quad Q9550 - G45 Express - 2x2GB PC3-1333 (Samsung) - 1920x1080@60Hz Touch LCD - great internal speakers

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