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Help. Home automation / home security

I recently purchased a home that came with z wave home security devices but the company was bought out by (telus) one of the big telecom giants here in Canada and now it's all defunct.




TLDR - I'm looking for a way I can make it all work again preferably a tablet i can hang on my wall and/or notifications on my phone when someone rings my doorbell without buying all new equipment




I  know little about this. I have many smart cameras and plugs but there all different apps and it's exhausting. As of now I have the cameras working with alexa and that's about it. I need help unifying things or getting my z wave to work at all




Currently I have:


Alexa speakers (working)


Fire stick            (working)


Phillis hue          (working)


Govee lights      (working)


8 wyze cameras


2 yi cameras


1 doorbell camera (z-wave)


Motion sensors


Glass break sensor


Water ingress sensors


Door sensors


Co2 alarms


Smoke alarms




Smart door locks


Smart garage door

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