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my pc stop working but i can seem to know who to fix it


just 3 days ago my pc turn off by himself i tried turning on but it will stop turn on for one second then stop right after i unpluged my gpu and then it started working but no screen output whitout gpu i buyed a new gpu plugged it in but still no output to the screen i then buyed a psu and instaled it the lights work but nothing spinns now still no output to the screen my other option are to buy a new motherboard and a new cpu but i am afraid for thoes to not work as well my pc had :

gpu 8gb Rx 580 asrock

cpu amd ryzen 5 2600

motherboard b450 pro asrock

48 gb ram g.skill

600w psu be quite

P5 crucial 1tb m.2 nvme 

ssd crucial 250 gb

Hd WD 1tb

Hd segate baracuda 6Tb



i buyed :

gpu 16gb Rx 6800 gaiming z trio ( for some reason it has 3 of 8 pins pcle )

RM850 w corsair 

and planing to buy :

amd Ryzen 9 5900x

motherbaord asus rog strix b550-f gaming


any advice if thoes gonna have any surpises or if i can salvage my old parts to make somehing like a server or gaming console for retro gaiming ?

and if i can what are the best option to do so ?


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