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Help with an i7-7700k not booting on Asus Prime Z270-P


I got an Asus Prime Z270-P from a mining ridge with an Intel Celeron G3900. But that processor was kinda slow for me. So I got a second hand i7-7700k that according to Asus website is compatible with the motherboard. I updated the bios and ended with v2001. I installed windows 10 pro on an SSD a booted with the Celeron, it works just fine.
However when I switch to the i7-7700k the system doesn't boot or anything, the screen is just black and no life signs. Fan spinning and motherboard lights running. No beeping or any other error code manifesting. 
When this happens I can't get into the bios or do anything. I already tried removing the battery, clear the cmos memory changed the RAM slot, attached a graphics card. I don't see any bended pins on the CPU socket and when I switch processor it works again without doing anything else.
What else could I try to be able to boot the system? Do you think the processor (i7-7700k) is defective?

Here some images of my setup, processor and bios FW.


Thank you for your help









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PD: I also cleaned the processor pads with isopropyl alcohol. I noticed a small amount of dark residue on the tissue.

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most likely a damaged cpu socket 

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