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Having my sensor panel running AIDE64, right click menu closes a few seconds later.


Also If I try to rename an icon or folder I can't even type two letters before it's no longer selected like if I clicked done.   I have a LCD in the corner of my HYTE Y60 for system monitoring running latest version of AIDE64 extreme.    Also my desktop icons keep moving once coming out of sleep mode.  Reboot doesn't affect the order of my desktop icons.  I have Auto and Align to grid uncheck.






16x2 Corsair Dominator

MSI Tomahawk X570

Display 1: Samsung G7 2560x1440

Display 2: Monoprice 32" Zero-G 2560x1440

Display 3: 515x1920 NV126B5M-N41 1920X515 IPS LCD

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