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Corsair H150i Elite Capellix "Pump Failed" False Positive

This issue already exists as a thread, but nothing in the realm of a fix has come to light. I find a lot of solutions being to unplug and plug the monitor wire from the CPU_FAN slot and to also move it to an AIO plug and vice versa. Of course, zero change. At this point, I have gone to the extend of using a completely different motherboard and the same AIO cooler, just one that has an hour of use rather than 2 years of use. So, I feel like my control variables are well enough...controlled so that I can omit the issue coming from the motherboard itself or just simply a bad cooler. Obviously neither were the problem. I have reinstalled iCUE to see if that was the issue. It wasn't. I checked BIOS settings for anything else, and nothing there as well. Both my motherboard BIOS and iCUE software are reading a stable, sub-50oC CPU temp, meaning that the pump is in fact WORKING as it should and that nothing is actually wrong. I did verify that those conditions were also present on the previous setup with my hardware.


Question is, where do I go from here? I have already reached out directly to Corsair and I am waiting to hear back. The only other issue I can think that exists is a faulty Commander CORE accessory that controls all RGB fans/accessories and the pump itself. I have double and triple checked plug connections, as there are 2: USB and SATA power. All snug and firmly in their seats. However, I find that hard to believe, only because I do not see that failing like a fan or RAM module. I am not ruling it out, but I would like to find someone who could at least partially confirm this. I do have another Commander CORE to use at my disposal to swap and test. But, what if that is not the issue and it is something else? I recently shipped my PC from where I was living and I know for a fact that I had packed the box so that the case was snug and secure within. When I had opened my case to inspect everything, the Commander has not moved, nor was there any noticeable physical damage to that device in any way. Could it have been a short somehow from a lot of static electricity (we have all seen the video Linus did with ESD and most of the time components were affected indirectly).


I will consider going to air cooling again. I have a cooler in mind that I would purchase to replace the faux faulty AIO. Although, I won't change if I do not have to. 

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