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Need recommendations on a custom built NAS

As the title suggests, I need some recommendations on what hardware to use for building a NAS. I already have the drives I am going to be using (Seagate IronWolf NAS drives x4 at 4TB each).

I was thinking about going with this case: Fractal Design Node 804 MicroATX Mid Tower Case due to the 10 internal drive bays.

I also have a brand new Thermaltake - Toughpower GX2 600W 80 PLUS Gold ATX Power Supply I purchased from BestBuy.

I know I may need a HBA card due to some Mobos SATA controllers being absolute trash and I accept that. (Would like recommendations on this as well.)


For my current NAS, I am running an Intel NUC with EXTERNAL DRIVES (Yes, I know this is a cardinal sin since if you lose a drive, there goes your data along with it.)


Other than that, I am stuck on what mobo and CPU combo I would want. Ram would be at least 32 GB as a minimum.

I am wanting to store music projects I am working on as well as "Linux ISOs" if you catch my drift. (These were legitimately obtained from HandBrake LOL) I would also want to maybe run VMs on this, if possible. PC Part Picker can be confusing to me even though I have built and repaired computers for a better part of a decade. I was thinking maybe Intel, if possible. If not, I can go AMD.


Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


Thank you, 


Franklin J.

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How much do you want to spend?

Id get. board like this https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=B650D4U-2T/BCM#Specifications.They have other similar options too.


Then you can use 7000 ryzen on a server borad with ipmi + ecc support.


Id probably run proxmox as the os here personlly, then setup a zfs raidz/raid 5. Then I'd probably get a ssd for vms.



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