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Can anyone help - Netflix Windows 11 issues




I have asked for help on this subject on several forums I regularly visit but maybe I can get the solution here?


There are 2 issues I have.


Since upgrading to Windows 11 (Windows 10 worked fine). The Windows Netflix app just goes to a black screen with sound/subtitles still playing. I have several monitors connected but have tried disconnecting the others apart from my main display and the issue still occurs. Have uninstalled, reset etc all the usual stuff but no matter what I try the app video still goes black after a couple of seconds. The only way it works strangely is if I enable HDR in Windows 11 and it works fine - but I don't want to have to do this each time as HDR in Windows is so glitchy on my OLED C7. I am connected through an Anthem MRX510 AVR receiver for sound but a separate HDMI to the TV as the 510 doesn't handle 4K very well. This also applies to the Amazon Prime windows app. Disney + works fine so am thinking some kind of copy protection but nothing has changed and again fine in W10.


Second issue. No matter what browser I use, have changed DNS, cleared cache on all browsers and literally just installed Firefox randomly today and the same issue occurs. On the Netflix website it loads no images, just text. If it was just one browser fair enough but it is all so I genuinely don't understand what is happening here,


I would be eternally grateful if anyone can solve either of these issues. Just to clarify, the exact same setup worked fine on issue 1 on Windows 10. And the second issue worked fine until a few months ago when the images just stopped loading - again happens on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. All reset etc but still happens. Have tried disabling all extensions still occurs, DNS flush, still occurs. 


Anyone, help, please?

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Could be a graphics driver issue, did you DDU/reinstall them ?

System : AMD R9 5900X / X570 AORUS PRO/ 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance 3600CL18 ASUS TUF Gaming AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX OC Edition GPU/ Phanteks P600S case /  Eisbaer 280mm AIO (with 2xArctic P14 fans) 0.5TB Sabrent Rocket + 2TB WD SN850 NVme Gen4 + 4TB Toshiba X300 HDD drives/ Corsair RM850x PSU/ 34" 120Hz 3440x1440p Alienware AW3420DW monitor / Logitech G915TKL keyboard (wireless) / Logitech G PRO X Superlight mouse

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