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Win 11 freezes when switching to any other audio device

Using Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 on win 11, when I plug in headphones and change audio output, the settings page freezes. Built in speakers and choosing monitor as output always have monitor outputting audio. Choose plugged in headphones, freeze. Can't use headphones. Monitor is plugged in via Type C hub to HDMI.


Anyone know a fix? Super annoying.

Desktop: Ryzen 7 5800X3D - Kraken X62 Rev 2 - STRIX X470-I - 3600MHz 32GB Kingston Fury - 250GB 970 Evo boot - 2x 500GB 860 Evo - 1TB P3 - 4TB HDD - RX6800 - RMx 750 W 80+ Gold - Manta - Silent Wings Pro 4's enjoyer

SetupZowie XL2740 27.0" 240hz - Roccat Burt Pro Corsair K70 LUX browns - PC38X - Mackie CR5X's

Current build on PCPartPicker


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Try hitting windows, in the Terminal, with sfc /scannow

You will need an internet connection for this.


If that does not fix the issue, check for optional windows updates and any driver updates you can find.


If none of that works, you may want to try refreshing your copy of windows and keeping all user files.

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