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Xbox Wireless Controllers Randomly Disconnecting From Xbox Wireless Adapter


Hi gang.


I'm having a persistent issue with my Xbox Wireless Controllers and I was hoping that some of you might have experienced the same problem and could help me out. The problem lies in the connection between my controllers and my PC through the Xbox Wireless Adapter.


Here's the situation: I use an Xbox Wireless Controller connected to my PC via the Xbox Wireless Adapter. At random intervals, the controller loses connection, the controller's light starts flashing, and any audio coming through headphones attached to the controller cuts out. I've done a bit of troubleshooting myself (ensuring the USB driver for the Wireless Adapter is updated via Device Manager, and that the controller's firmware is updated through the Xbox Accessories app) but I still run into the issue on a daily basis.


In an attempt to resolve the issue, I even bought another Xbox Wireless Controller but, unfortunately, the problem persists. It's been two years since I first started experiencing this and, despite hardware upgrades during this time (like swapping my CPU from a 3500X to a 5600X, and performing a clean install of Windows 11 on a new SSD), the problem remains unsolved.


An interesting observation is that when two controllers are connected, they both lose their connection simultaneously, which leads me to suspect the issue isn't with the controllers themselves but is likely linked to the USB/PC side of things.


My current theories for the root cause include: a faulty Xbox Wireless Adapter or a design flaw within it, a power delivery issue with the USB port (which is located at the front of the device, coming off the motherboard USB header), or a potential bug in the driver or how it's implemented in Windows.


I doubt it's a wireless interference issue as I reside in a remote area with few wireless devices. Almost everything on my LAN is wired.


If anyone has dealt with a similar issue or has any new troubleshooting suggestions that I haven't yet tried, I'd be more than grateful for your advice.


If there's any pertinent system info you need, please do let me know. Thanks in advance for your assistance! 😊

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