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Reacreated the Windows 7 Wallpaper.

So i was trying to replace my default Windows 10 wallpaper with some random cool looking one or idk , so then i tried to find something good but then i remembered why im still using the default wallpapers , i dont find atractive any wallpaper at all.


So then I remembered that it has been literally years since i last saw the Windows 7 wallpaper , one of my personal favorites.


So i tried to look for a good quality one , but i dont know why but its not that easy as i expected to find a decent looking one (i mean like a good 1080p with barely no noise or something like that)


So i also remembered that i know how to use an ilustration program that lets me tecnically recreate everything i want , like literally draw it form 0 , and well i also was bored so..


I just downloaded a random official win7 wallpaper to give me as refrence to begin with the process of recreating it.


So i began , took me around 4 hours , but i did it , and im really satisfied with the results.


Official one.



My version.Win7Wallpaper.thumb.png.de23bf9ffe0f41f8bb856552c2c10921.png

btw heres a link to the maximum quality photo or just save it as a link or idk.




So tell me , what do guys think?

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I actually like it alot! Looks nice and fresh.

Good job!



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The only real windows 7 wallpaper: 😉





The direction tells you... the direction

-Scott Manley, 2021


Softwares used:

Corsair Link (Anime Edition) 

MSI Afterburner 


Lively Wallpaper 

OBS Studio

Shutter Encoder









3D Paint

GitHub Desktop 






Generic Logviewer




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