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Asus X670E-Extreme random BSOD

I have an Asus X670E Extreme, 7950X (non3D), gksill 16GBx2 DDR5 6000Mhz. Setup with stock bios (0805) out of the box. It was working fine since March. BIOS settings is all default except for setting RAM to EXPO I with DRAM V at 1.35000. Temps are fine and system stable. Recently. I keep on getting random reboots especially on file transfer to the NAS using the onboard 10GbE since the NAS is on 10GbE as well. I checked event viewer and it shows error 1001. I also ran BIOS defaults and ran RAM to auto. BSODs whenever I do file transfers via the 10GbE onboard ethernet. Any suggestions?

I.) R9 5900X | U12A | X570 Aorus Master rev1.0 | 64GB Gskill 3600Mhz (B-die) | 2TBx3 M.2 | 500x2 850 Pro | 1TB 860 Evo | Seasonic 1000W Ti | 6800XT Nitro+ SE
II.) R9 3900XT | D15 | X570 CH VIII Wifi BIOS 3801 | 64GB Dominator 3466Mhz (B-die) | 2TBx2 M.2 | 2TB WD Gold | Seasonic 1000W Ti | 1070ti mini
III.) i7 6850k | D15 | X99 E WS 3.1 BIOS 4001 | Vengeance Pro 64GB 3200Mhz | GTX1080 | 1TB 970 Evo Plus | 10x10TB HGST 7k6000 | NH D15s | Define r6 | K95 RGB | Seasonic Platinum 1300W
IV.) 1700X | NH D15 SE-AM4 | X370 XHAIR 6 Extreme | Seasonic Platinum 750W | Veangence Pro 32GB | GTX1050Ti | WD Gold | Benq SW2700PT | TT View 71 TG
V.) R9 3900X | U12A | X570i ROG | 32GB Team Create 3600Mhz (B-die) | 2x2TB M.2 | Seasonic 850W Ti | GTX 1070



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