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PS4 not recognizing 3.5inch HDD w/ SATA to USB 3.0 Adapter


My PS4 Pro is not detecting any drives connected with this adapter, but the exact same drive is detected when I use this one. Obviously I would rather use the 1x drive adapter than use my only dual sata bridge for just one disk, but I can't get it recognize the disk. The PS4 just says "The USB Storage Device is not connected." This is total bullsh!t because I can hear the drive buzzing, and when I unplug the USB from the PS4 you can clearly hear it's been disconnected. The 1x adapter works fine when used on Windows, Mac, and Linux but not my PS4.


Can anybody explain to me why one would work and not the other? What specification should I be looking out for in the future, to ensure compatibility?

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