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Chinese/Aliexpress ARGB fans + FanHub + remote with 4th gen motherboard HELP!


So..Like the title,I need some help,I dont actually have money to upgrade my motherboard and CPU,but I want to upgrade with some ARGB fans from Aliexpress ( I was thinking about AIGO ar12,Coolmoon or wovibo,please no hate cuz I dont need some fancy fans,just some cheap and argb fans) and my motherboard is an Asus q87m-e and I dont have any rgb headers as newer motherboards,and the wovibo has the fan hub with a remote to change color,and the hub itself has a SATA and another cable to connect (probably to sync with other rgb things in my pc) BUT,Coolmoon (attatched some photos with all the hubs) has a 4pin and a 3pin but my motherboard doesn't have a 4pin BUUTT I have a 3pin all the way down,and says CHASSIS (one pin in the left side,empty in the middle and 2 to the right side) and another 3 pin (all 3 pins in a row) named DIS_ME,and my main question is..Can I connect any hub only to SATA cable and work with the remote(like argb),connect the RESET button on the case to the fan to work, or do I need to actually plug the 3pin cable in the motherboard for the fans to work? (sorry if I speak bad english,my native language is not english or related to that,I will offer more info if needed! Tyy anticipated!)



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