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Msi Suprim 3090 High power draw

Hey everybody. Been looking on alot of forums, and havent really found the same issue im dealing with. 
When im in game in most titles - mainly Iron harvest, Warhammer 3 and sometimes Hunt showdown. My GPU gets hot, around the 80 mark, and the fans ramp up to stupid noise levels. 
And i know what everyone is gonna think, my case is bad and all that jazz. But not the case in this. The problem is my GPU draws 400 watts nearly all the time (in game). This is a 1920/1080 resolution locked at 110 FPS. No upscaling or any other schenanigans. 

The Build. 

Be quiet 601 
Triple 140 intakes at around 700 RPM (push)

360 Be quiet AIO with triple 120 (pulls) for the CPU 

Another 140 in the bottom intake right up the GPU

Double 140 Exhaust at about 700 rpm also - tried both single and double exhaust no avail

All fans are noctuas 
3090 Suprim - underclocked 150 core and 250 memory

12700K - Stock clocks


So im thinking my cooling should be sufficient, but not when the GPU runs at 400-500 Watts. 

My Current "solution" is to keep the card in "quiet" mode - doesnt really do anything. And setting the power target to around 40-50% to force the power draw closer to 250watt. Nivida control panel in "low power mode or whatever its called"

been struggling with this since i got the card some months ago. And if the card runs at 400 watt or 250 it doesnt change my performance really at that kind of resolution


So lads. Is there some power "mod", driver, update, setting, anything?


Thankful for any help.


And do pardon the grammatical errors, english is not my native language. 


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Try ramping up the 3 front intake a bit, you should be able to get away with a bit more rpm with no much noise, also this might sound counterintuitive but try turning off the bottom intake for the gpu. Looking at the case it might just be blowing the fresh air provided from the front intakes up to the top part of the case causing less fresh air to get to the gpu and creating turbulence

Quiet mode usually turn the fans down more than the power, id suggest setting it to normal mode, setting the power limit to 90/80C and making a custom fan curve, you can keep playing with underclocking fan tuning from there to get it to a point where it isnt too loud

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just got in my high pressure noctuas for the intakes. hopefully it helps. But still. is it normal for the 3090 slam ram thank you maam 400-500 watt on low or modest loads?

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